Family Pack

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Viagra for Both Partners is the Best Option to Choose

It is a common situation when both partners have some psychological problems, which have a negative impact on their sexual relationships. To solve this problem quickly and effectively it is recommended to get the family pack containing Sildenafil for a man and his partner. Not only men may suffer from stress and overload at work, the representatives of the fair sex may also have certain causes, which don’t allow to relax and enjoy intimate relations. That’s why Viagra producers have taken care of both partners.

How does Sildenafil Work for Men?

Sildenafil is responsible for expanding the blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate faster through them. The bloodstream flows to the genitals and then the penis becomes elastic and firm. After 20 – 30 minutes after taking a tablet of Viagra, you will see the desired effect. The pill will be effective for 5 hours or so. During this time, you and your partner will be able to satisfy each other wishes to the full extent.

Family Pack

Family Pack

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One tablet is enough for hours of enjoyment. It is not recommended to take more than 100 mg in order to avoid the risk of an overdose, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. To get the maximum effect from Viagra, a Canadian man has to drink it 30 minutes before planning to have sex. The tablet should be washed down with enough water. The drug is effective from the first time. It is recommended to check out the list of contraindications before using the drug. Viagra is considered a safe drug if you take it following all instructions.

How can Women Benefit from Taking Viagra 100 mg?

It has been proven that Sildenafil is effective not only for men but for women as well. Canadian women will be surprised but the mechanism of action is almost the same. The drug stimulates the blood flow to the female organs and a woman experiences great sensations. Moreover, this pill will do magic for women who have problems with having an orgasm. Viagra is able to shorten the period of time required for a woman to enjoy the satisfaction of sexual relationships with her partner.

It is better to take the pill 30 minutes before the planned intercourse. The dosage should be either 100 mg or 50 mg if you are afraid that you may have an unwanted body reaction. Don’t take Viagra immediately after eating some fatty foods or drinking alcohol as this may have a negative impact on the drug action.

Get the Family Pack for You and Your Partner

Buy Viagra Canada if you experience sexual problems with your partner. It will help to feel more comfortable with each other and forget about all other stressful situations, which have led to the sexual dysfunction. A woman will experience unforgettable sensations from the touch of the partner.

If both partners take Sildenafil, they will definitely enjoy their new sexual experience much more than if only a man uses Viagra. Sildenafil is able to make the usual sex the one you will never forget.

You should try to enjoy the intimacy together

The pack destined for two – him and her, includes Viagra for gentlemen and Viagra for ladies. It is exceptionally useful when treating problems of two people at once. In addition to aiming at sexual misbalances, it is also destined to work on the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.