The Effect of Generic Levitra for Canadians

Generic Levitra

The effect comes quickly, but it lasts a very long time

Please note that this drug is in the blood for a long time and, therefore, it is not desirable to take more than one pill a day. A daily dose is 20 mg. There are also pills of this drug with other dosages like 5 mg, 10 mg, and 40 mg. And in the future, you can understand what the optimal dose is for you. So, for example, many men, after taking Generic Levitra for the first time, reduce the dosage of the drug.

However, there are such cases when it is necessary to be very strongly assured of a positive result and during these moments some experts, doctors, and patients who have already taken this medication are advised to increase the dosage of the drug. But remember that there is a danger of overdose if you take too much of Generic Levitra. When taking 500 mg at one time, serious side effects were registered. Patients had increased pressure, angina, sweating, eyes and backache.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage

If the dosage is too big, it may lead even to an instant cardiac arrest. Thus, the recommended maximum dose per day of this drug is 40 mg. Try to follow these recommendations in order to avoid unwanted consequences in the future. Also, you should never take several doses of 40-100 mg in one day. This will give the same effect and may lead to other serious side effects.

This drug has an effect on natural reactions and creates a natural process of a sexual arousal and a good erection. It cannot be said that thanks to this drug a sexual intercourse takes place. It should be emphasized that Generic Levitra is only an assistant to the natural needs of the body. This means that your desire and opportunities come first, and the drug will help these processes to increase and reach the highest point.

Study the principle of the active substance

With the excitement in men, the arteries of the sexual organ expand. There is an increase in the blood flow. A sexual organ rises, and the erection begins. The drug Generic Levitra for Canadians helps to significantly increase the flow of the blood into the penis. A special substance that is part of this drug allows you to expand the arteries. Thanks to this, a large rush of the blood is achieved. And thanks to Vardenafil, it is possible to prolong this force for a longer time due to the expansion of blood vessels and arteries. Thus, this drug is a vasodilator.

However, in fact, it is not an erectile. It cannot function by itself. Activation is necessary by a natural stimulation of the body. Because to expand the arteries, you need nitrogen oxide, which appears in the body only with a natural sexual arousal. This drug cannot do this by itself. Without the natural arousal, it cannot expand arteries and increase the blood flow to the penis since only a normal natural sexual arousal can cause the release of nitric oxide after getting a signal from the spinal cord or brain.

Thanks to nitric oxide, the arteries expand and the blood flows into the penis. This drug, which contains the active substance Vardenafil, helps from the natural stimulation to increase the effect of the processes in the body, and extend the strength and duration of this process.

These pills will help your erection quickly and efficiently

We also want to draw your attention once again to the fact that this drug does not affect the reproductive function at all. When conducting studies on this drug, it was found that after taking it only an insignificant dose of Vardenafil was found in semen.

This suggests that you shouldn’t be afraid of the negative effect of the drug on a reproductive function. Sometimes it can be a great assistant. Based on the results of the study on volunteers, adapting to the drug never occurs. This drug is available at all pharmacies and online stores. It is not cheap. It is explained by the fact that a huge amount of money was spent to develop this unique medication and register the patent. However, now you can be sure that the drug is branded and guarantees excellent quality and safety.