Monster Pack

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Sildenafil, Tadalafil

Getting the Monster Pack with Cialis and Viagra You Can Be Sure of Success

Problems with male potency have been solved for a long time without any special problems. Well-designed drugs can help any man to feel his power and experience those sensations that he did not have for a long time. The cause of erectile dysfunction is that the blood does not reach the penis in sufficient quantity. The active substance of the drug allows the body to function correctly.

Have you tried Cialis 20 mg and Viagra 100 mg but didn’t get the desired effect? There is no need to panic as you are lucky to have an opportunity to enjoy the double-size dosage of these popular drugs. Viagra 200 mg and Cialis 60 mg are dosages that will help to achieve the effect you have been dreaming about for long already. Learn more about the benefits of these drugs for the treatment of ED and enjoy the long-lasting and reliable effect.

Monster Pack

Monster Pack

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How does Viagra 200 mg work?

The main active substance of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. A fairly serious stimulant, which allows you to significantly increase the flow of blood to the penis. Thus, Viagra 200 mg can provide a long sexual intercourse, vivid impressions, and an excellent erection.

The main advantages of the drug include:

  • Low consumption: Viagra 200 mg is one of the most potent drugs in this group. The dosage per day is about one hundred mg. In this case, the reception starts at half of the daily dose. That is, one tablet of Viagra 200 mg should be divided into four parts before admission. If after taking one of them the effect does not come, then you need to take one more.
  • Exceptionally physiological effect: Viagra 200 mg does not affect the nervous system. The drug does not cause sexual arousal without the sexual stimulation. Thus, Viagra 200 mg does not cause an addiction.
  • Possible restoration of natural potency: Viagra 200 mg awakens natural strength, which allows it in many cases to restore the natural potency with regular use of the drug.

Due to the stimulation of the internal resources of the body, Viagra 200 mg practically has no contraindications to the use. In addition, a high concentration of active ingredient in Viagra 200 mg significantly enhances the sensation during sexual intercourse. Like any other stimulant, Viagra 200 mg is not recommended for people with cardiac, ulcerative and arterial diseases. In addition, it cannot be used in case of the deformation of the penis, with allergies to one of the drug components and with the illness of the internal organs in a sharpened form.

Cialis is the Best ED Drug for Each Canadian

Cialis or Tadalafil as it is also called due to its active component is known around the world thanks to the super long lasting effect. It can provide you with the chance to enjoy your sexual life not for 5 or 7 hours like Viagra but during 36 hours! This is the best result among all drugs, which exist nowadays.

Cialis should be taken either before the planned relationships or on the regular basis if you want to get rid of your health problems. By the way, compared to other drugs, Cialis combines two functions in one tablet. It is able to help men overcome not only ED but also other problems with male health, among which the most common one is the disease of the prostate gland. Cialis is the effective medicine that can be taken either before or after meals as food and drinks can’t delay the desired effect provided in about twenty minutes after you wash down the pill. The recommended dose is 20 mg but you can buy Cialis Canada online and consider taking more after getting the professional consultation.

Enjoy Benefits of Getting the Pack Viagra 200mg and Cialis 60mg

The pack embraces 2 pills having high dosages of the active substance – Viagra 200 mg and Cialis 60 mg. It is especially for those who already got used to being double-sized and do not accept the smaller doses as they don’t cause the desired effect. Buying it, you make an economy comparing to separately purchased pills.