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Sildenafil Citrate

Kamagra Jelly is a new invention in the field of erectile dysfunction. In medicine, an innovative and creative approach to creating new drugs is important. Kamagra becomes a real competitor to famous medicines such as Levitra and Cialis. This drug is similar to such drugs as Kamagra Gold and Super Kamagra, has significant advantages. We can confidently tell you that Kamagra Jelly is a real bestseller in the field of similar medicines. If you already used similar tablets, then we recommend that you try the Kamagra gel. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised. Kamagra Oral Jelly is a new and creative approach to the treatment of male diseases.

Advantages of the preparation Kamagra Gel 100

The first advantage is the comfort of the using for the consumer. A very large number of people don’t know how to take drugs in the form of tablets. Some of them even experience a certain level of disgust towards them. Naturally, with such an attitude, jelly, which has also a pleasant taste, a more comfortable option. This form of application of the drug also has an intimate personal aspect. The surveys conducted among married couples, confirm it. Those couples who are frank regarding taking the drug, noticed that the erection during sex began to improve, and also increase.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

Kamagra Oral Jelly

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The second great quality of the product is a rich selection of taste qualities. There are a lot of tastes to satisfy each consumer. As can be seen, the manufacturer takes into account even the personal preferences of customers, giving each person a certain freedom of choice. In order to choose your favorite taste, you can try to acquire all possible options, try them out, and then decide. There is another option, you can take a mix, a combination of all tastes in one gel.

This drug acts very quickly, compared to tablets. Kamagra Oral Jelly allows you to have sexual intercourse after 15 minutes after taking the gel. Patients were shown that the gel is much more effective than tablets. This is explained by the fact that the gel is quickly absorbed by the body, dissolves faster in the blood and tasters targets. One of the main advantages is the simplicity of its use. You do not need water to drink medicine. You can use the Kerala Oral Jelly in any place convenient for you and at any convenient time.

The undeniable advantage of the Kamagra drug is that it is much easier to use than other similar products. Simply drink the Kamagra gel only from very convenient packaging, when necessary.

According to studies and clinical tests, the daily dose for men suffering from erectile dysfunction is 50 mg of the active substance. In 5 g of Kamagra jelly contains 50 to 100 mg of sildenafil. This dosage can be increased only after consulting a doctor to 100 mg. You are not mistaken, the increase in the dose is possible only on the advice of a specialist, because the reception of Kamagra requires consultation with a professional physician. Kamagra gel is taken 1 time / day, for 30-45 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse.

Contraindications to admission of Kamagra gel

The main contraindications for receiving Viagra are hypersensitivity reactions (allergy) to the active substance or auxiliary components of the drug, taking of certain drugs from hypertension (nitrates, alpha-blockers), the age of men at least 18 years, hypotension. The gel is not meant for women. It should be very careful with the deformations of the penis, and the inclination to priapism, severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels, especially after a stroke, heart attack, severe renal, hepatic insufficiency, retinitis pigmentosa. If you have these diseases and you take other medicines, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Side effects

Almost all drugs have certain side effects. This effect can be with the use of Kamagra gel. Often, if there are side effects, they are relatively mild. Just as noted, they pass very quickly. The most common side effect is a sharp rush of blood to the head and face. It is accompanied by such symptoms as headaches, as well as weakness with dizziness. This can be explained as the response of the whole organism to a drug that dilates blood vessels, and, also, enhances the circulation process. Very rarely there is such a state as a poor perception of colors, a nebula in the eyes, as well as an increased sensitive reaction to the light.

Also, talking about side effects, rare cases of nasal congestion should be noted. Most often the headache can manifest itself in the form of migraine, that is, the pain of one hemisphere. There may be a feeling of a viral, or influenza, illness. Dyspepsia is also observed. Very rarely there is conjunctivitis, and other problems with the eyes. They can get sick. The last resort is eye hemorrhage, or cataract. But, such symptoms occur, often, during an overdose. Ears can suffer a little. They sometimes hurt a little, and there are noises. The manifestations of soreness are possible, such as cough, inflammation of the vocal cords, pharyngitis and laryngitis. Palpitation can become more frequent. Blood pressure may fall. There is also an increased feeling of thirst, a constant dryness in the mouth, a manifestation of stomatitis. Sometimes nausea leads to vomiting.

Side effects can be doubled if overdose is allowed. If you adhere to the recommended concentration, then side effects may not be at all. If an overdose has already occurred, it is necessary to start general treatment, supporting and symptomatic.

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