Kamagra Effervescent

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
100mg x 14 tablet CA$89.60 CA$6.40
100mg x 21 tablet CA$128.03 CA$6.10 CA$6.37
100mg x 35 tablet CA$199.20 CA$5.69 CA$24.80
100mg x 49 tablet CA$264.68 CA$5.40 CA$48.93
100mg x 63 tablet CA$323.04 CA$5.13 CA$80.17
100mg x 70 tablet CA$348.66 CA$4.98 CA$99.35

Sildenafil Citrate

Kamagra® Effervescent and things you must know about it

This is one of the most pleasantly taken tablets – in the form of water solution. As it is effervescent, it self-dissolves in the body within a fast time, which is why it is preferable by those patients, who don’t like or can’t swallow hard tablets.

The branded tablets are manufactured as ones containing 100 mg of the active substance – and in the most cases, this is the maximally allowable amount of it during a full day (that is, a day with a night).

The price on them will vary depending on how big pack you will buy: they are manufactured in those types:

  • 14
  • 21
  • 35
  • 49
  • 63
  • 70 tablets in a pack (a number aliquot to 7).

Thus, the bigger pack you obtain from us online without prescription, the lesser the price of 1 individual tablet will be, ranging inside of these approximated limits: $3.50 … $4.50. Sometimes we offer discounts for our preferential customers of days off for everyone (up to 75%), so watch after our newsletters to receive yourself a good quote.

Intake and health precautions of over the counter remedy

You shall take the tablet of Kamagra® Effervescent like this:

  • when it will have completely dissolved
  • about 20-30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual interaction (as the maximal result will be achieved in about half an hour from the complete intake)
  • not more than 100 mg in full 24 hours (or not more than 150 mg during the period if the patient already got used to the prolonged intake or has the specific prescription from a doctor on this issue)
  • if a patient does not have medical counter indications against taking it for health issues (like impairment of liver, kidneys, stomach, the cardiovascular system, specifically in the blood pressure and so on).