Levitra Soft

Package Price Per pill Savings Order
20mg x 10 soft tab CA$63.98 CA$6.40
20mg x 20 soft tab CA$99.57 CA$4.98 CA$28.40
20mg x 30 soft tab CA$142.27 CA$4.74 CA$49.68
20mg x 60 soft tab CA$256.14 CA$4.27 CA$127.75
20mg x 90 soft tab CA$355.78 CA$3.95 CA$220.06
20mg x 120 soft tab CA$455.42 CA$3.80 CA$312.37
20mg x 180 soft tab CA$640.46 CA$3.56 CA$511.21


The total information on Generic Levitra Soft

Generic Levitra Soft is the drug that improves the penile erection of men. It works directly on cavernous bodies of the mentioned organ thus eliminating the limit of filling of it with the blood. So, it blocks the action of a specific enzyme that limits the filling of the penis. Thus, the erection becomes strong, lasting, and much harder, which largely contributes to the quality of the sexual act. It becomes brighter and more long-lasting, which makes it possible to experience all joy of it from a bigger number of sides and angles.

To make this nice picture come true, a man has to take Generic Levitra Soft. It is performed as the soft chewable candies that contain 20 milligrams of the active substance.

One pill of over-the-counter remedy will cost you roughly from 2.5 US dollars and more, being dependant on the size of the pack you decide to buy (and goes uphill to approximately 4 US dollars per one). The sizes of packs available for the purchase are as follows:

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 60
  • 90
  • 120
  • 180 tablets.

Information about the ‘generic’ word

Some people may have certain concerns that ‘generic’ means bad, low-quality, non-acting, and even dangerous for health. We assure you that these are still true – in those countries and factories that don’t care about the quality during manufacturing, packing, and storing the pills. However, we are the online drugstore that sells only quality medications without prescription. Generics are low in price only because they do not include the costly factors inside of their self-cost like advertising, big profit, cost of inventing the initial formula and testing it. They, to put it simply, copying it. Copying is hundreds of times cheaper while preserving the same quality.

To make a pill be included in our online catalog, we mandatory require all certifications and test results that are field-regulated so you can buy from us safely.