Professional Pack

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20mg, 100mg x 20 tablet CA$85.33 CA$4.27
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20mg, 100mg x 60 tablet CA$170.74 CA$2.85 CA$85.26

Sildenafil, Tadalafil

Become the Super Macho with the Help of Viagra Professional and Cialis Professional

Even those men who have never tried using the standard Viagra and Cialis will easily guess that the word Professional in the names of the ED drugs mean that their formulas have been improved. Getting the Professional version of the innovative drug, you can be sure that you will impress your partner 100%. Both drugs work effectively and flawlessly.

Professional Pack

Professional Pack

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Which one to give preference to: Viagra Professional or Cialis Professional? This is the question, which each Canadian suffering from ED, asks himself before buying drugs in Canada online. In order to make sure you have taken the right decision, it is recommended to read the drugs’ review.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Viagra Professional

Viagra Professional provides great results after its first use. It works faster than the standard version of the drug. In just 15-20 minutes a man notices an ability to achieve the desired hard erection. By the way, the quality of erection also differs from the one you could have when taking the usual Viagra. The superior quality erection, which is going to last up to 7 hours is guaranteed if you use Viagra Professional either before the planned intimacy or on the regular daily basis if you want to improve your sexual function and get rid of all problems that caused ED.

Take not more than 100 mg of Viagra per day and enjoy the self-confidence, which is the great benefit you will get after using the drug. Viagra Professional can successfully deal with ED caused by any physical or psychological problem. Moreover, men up to 65 can count on the help of Viagra showing impressive results in men of different age groups. One of the pros of this drug version that you don’t need to wash it down with water as it is a drug that should be dissolved under the tongue. This feature makes it different from the standard Viagra. It is much more convenient in usage.

Is Cialis Professional a Real Professional in Solving ED Problems?

There are no doubts that the answer is “Yes”. Cialis professional is the innovative drug, which can impress any Canadian with its long-lasting effect. 36 hours of the top quality sexual relations is a dream of any man. Now this dream can come true with the help of 20 mg of Tadalafil. The drug should be dissolved under the tongue before you plan to have a sexual intercourse. In about 15 minutes you will notice the result.

You will be able to forget about the weak erection as Cialis will make it hard and stable. You will feel like a real macho ready to have sex several times per night. Cialis Professional restores your blood flow and provides penis with enough blood flow, which violation leads to unwanted ED symptoms. Buying Cialis Canada online you can solve all erectile dysfunction problems quickly and easily. Cialis takes care of men’s health professionally. It can be even combined with fatty foods and alcohol without any negative impact on the erection.

Save Much Buying the Professional Pack in Canada Online

The pack is for those men who shall intake remedies for the treatment of their sexual dysfunction but who hates the forms of regular pills or tablets. Thanks to its form of issuing, the sublingual remedy has not only the better option of intake as it dissolves under a tongue easily but it also works faster than usual drugs. It is tolerated well and causes exactly the same action as the standard items.