Instructions for use Dapoxetine

Instructions for use DapoxetineDapoxetine can be taken with other drugs that affect sexual life. It is possible to use it along with Viagra, Cialis and others, which solve problems with erectile dysfunction. Before using this drug, be sure to consult a doctor and ask whether you can take the drugs simultaneously. This will prevent many problems in the future.

Dapoxetine is no less popular than Viagra

When taking Dapoxetine, sometimes side effects may occur. Based on the research, side effects occur in the process of disrupting the dosage of this drug. When taking Dapoxetine more than 60 mg, less than 10% of people tend to experience undesirable effects.

If you exceed the dose of the drug, you will experience nausea and dizziness. Sometimes you may lose the appetite. There may be weakness and mild drowsiness. In rare cases, there may be cramps. If you have an overdose of this drug and experience these side effects, contact the nearest hospital or clinic immediately. Also, stop taking this drug immediately and follow the recommendations of your doctor in the future.

Pay attention to some features of Dapoxetine

Keep in mind that Dapoxetine for Canadians is not allowed to take with drugs that fight a migraine or are antidepressants. You should never take it along with sleeping pills, tramadol and linezolid .If you have to take these medications or similar medicines, be sure to consult a specialist for advice. Perhaps, with the right dosages and control, he will allow you to take drugs simultaneously.

Dapoxetine was synthesized in order to help the male population with premature ejaculation. And its content in the blood is enough to delay it. Sometimes it may be very useful. It should be noted that the drug does not contain pheromones and hormonal substances. It is not aimed at enhancing libido. Due to the presence in its composition of the active substance of a foreign drug, Dapoxetine is the most effective means for solving problems with premature ejaculation in men.

Some important recommendations about the use of dapoxetine

After you have completed treatment or just finished taking Dapoxetine, it is not recommended to take itraconazole, ketoconazole, ritonavir, atazanavir, nelfinavir and antidepressants within seven days .This can also cause unwanted side effects. Always keep track of your state of health and at the first occurrence of a malaise, consult a doctor immediately.

Many men tend to have sexual problems now. According to the statistics, these diseases occur both in young people and in people of other ages. Modern pharmacology offers a person a lot of drugs that can prolong the erection. Today many men are interested in this.