The truth about the mint’s effects on the sexual potency

mintIt is a common thinking that the mint possesses a certain negative impact on the men’s potency. It makes plenty of males be scared by the mint teas, peppermint gums, and cigarettes. However, even if it has any bad effect on the men’s health, you can hardly do any harm by chewing some gums or drinking a couple of teacups. At the same time, the cigarettes are really dangerous for the males, as smoking is harmful to the potency itself.

The researchers have found out that the mint does not have any elements with the negative effect on the sexual potency. Nevertheless, the existing opinion has a certain ground. It is connected with the fact that the mint is characterized by the soothing effect. Thus, the whole organism tries not to be disturbed by either physical or psychological arousal. There are even special types of mint with extra soothing effect.

Besides, the auto-suggestion plays an important role in such belief. A man drinking a mint tea might think his potency will lower. And this becomes the truth.

All in all, mint really has a particular impact on the potency, however, it occurs only when it is constantly used. As for the gums or teas, they do no harm.